Welcome to the TRS-80 Color Computer Archive!

This site is the result of an effort to preserve Color Computer software and documentation. I've been collecting Coco related files since 2002: cartridges, cassettes, virtual disks, ROMs, music, pictures, manuals, books, magazines, Radio Shack catalogs and more. I also scanned several manuals and books to add to my collection, which is now available to the Coco community.




  • 2022/01/16 - Added Get Me Outta Here! (CoCo Brothers Software) (Coco 3) [disk]
  • 2022/01/06 - Added CocoGROW (Jay Searle) (Coco 3) [disk]
  • 2022/01/05 - Added SDCFLASH v0.10 (Guillaume Major) [disk]
  • 2022/01/04 - Added Star Swoop (Blaby Computer Games) (Coco port) (SG-8) (Coco 1-2) [disk][cassette][pdf]
  • 2022/01/03 - Added Coco Christmas Card (Jamie Cho) (Coco 3) [disk]
  • 2022/01/03 - Moved Christmas Demos to their own folder [link]
  • 2022/01/01 - Added Glenside's IDE Adapter Schematics (GCCC) - TIFF format [tiff]
  • 2022/01/01 - Replaced Glenside's IDE Adapter Schematics (GCCC) by a better scan [pdf]
  • 2022/01/01 - Added Color Computer Cartridge model (Mark Siegel) [zip]