By Jon Cartwright

Loading: Type CLOADM and press ENTER. The game will start automatically.

UTOPIA - "A place or state of ultimate perfection." that's the dictionary definition anyway. The man-made colony of the same name is entirely different however. The Galactic Federation built it as an ideal artificial planet. However it has fallen into disrepair and is no longer a nice place to be. But the inhabitents of Utopia cannot simply leave. The defence systems will take care of that, they are the most complex in the galaxy and are meant to stop intruders entering. What the Federation did not realise is that it also traps the poor people who live there.

No one has ever had a chance of escape, until now…

The rebels have captured three of the most advanced star fighters in the known universe. They are so advanced that the laser beams they fire cannot be seen, this prevents the enemy dodging them and means that the fighters are virtually invincible. However, as part of Utopia's defences there is a fleet of kamikaze drone shuttles - these will not fire, instead they will plough into any ship in their path.

Utopia is such a gargantuan place that it occupies five different time zones. Upon passing between zones, fighters report experiencing a 'space hiccup'. As yet no one has ever got through the defences of this metallic Hades. But no one has ever had such technology before…

Once the game has loaded you will be played some pretty groovy music. If you can tear yourself away to press the fire button then you can begin. GOOD LUCK!

Dragon 32/64

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.