Tea Time

Catch the falling tea and keep your mug full, then dodge the sugar cubes on your way to the pantry to restock your tea supplies from the shelves by using the lifts and finally "dock" your teapot in the safety of the teacosy. Arcade action game. Joystick Required.

Loading instructions

For loading instructions see side of cassette.

Object of game

Screen 1 and odd numbered screens

Use the joystick to control movement of the teapot to "catch" the falling "teadrops". Movement down and left will automatically transfer the tea to the mug at the bottom left which must not be allowed to run dry. The blue sponges can soak up the tea drops if they hit them and will suck your teapot dry if you run into them.

The hammer, which will appear on Screen 3, will chase your teapot and can smash it. It moves at the same speed as the sponges and bounces off the latter if it hits them. You can, therefore, use a sponge between your teapot and the hammer for protection.

Screen 1 will end when you have caught 30 drops, screen 3 40 drops, screen 5 50 drops etc. etc.

Screen 2 and even numbered screens

The even-numbered screens begin with a hail of sugar cubes which you must dodge, one hit with a cube will crack the teapot, the second hit will smash it. In screen 2 the cubes will come straight down the screen but in screen 4 they will appear in a zig-zag fashion. If you are able to get past the cubes, you will enter

The Pantry

This screen has shelves and lifts. Use the fire button to slide onto and off a lift but it must be level or the teapot will crack. Collect all the piles of tea on the shelves to reveal the final lift (top right) which you must slide onto so that you can dock the teapot in its teacosy.

Later pantry scenes have sponges and hammers moving along the shelves which must be avoided. Hitting the sponges knocks the bonus points off and hitting the hammer is fatal.

You will be awarded with an extra teapot, to a maximum of four, at every 10,000 points.

Dragon 32/64

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.