Spy Against Spy

By Jon Cartwright

You are a spy. Your mission is to gather together the following objects which are hidden in the embassy: the case, the passport, the money, the papers, the key and the umbrella. This would not be too bad except that you are in competition with another spy, who will no doubt try to stop you from finishing your mission, and you also have a time limit imposed by a bomb set under the embassy - if your time runs out, so does your life. If by some strange twist of fate, one of the spies manages to collect all of the objects then he may escape in the helicopter.

The upper spy is controlled by the right hand joystick, and the lower spy with the left hand joystick. The spies exit through the doors simply by running into them. If a door is locked, and the spy does not have the key, then he will not be able to exit.

To examine a piece of furniture a spy should stand in front of it and move forwards. If there is an object there, the spy will retrieve it. If subsequently, the other spy finds the same object, he will get it, and his opponent will lose it.

Another way of losing objects is by the use of traps. The spies set traps in a room by pressing the fire button: If the joystick is pushed forward, a BOMB is set, if it is pulled back, a WATER TRAP is set. If a spy is caught by an opponent's bomb, he will lose all his objects. If a spy is caught by a water trap, all his objects go to the other spy. A spy is immune to water traps if he is carrying the umbrella. Each spy has 10 traps only.

A score can be obtained in two ways. Firstly, if your opponent falls into one of your traps, you get 100 points. Also, if you are the first spy to find a particular object, you once again get 100 points.

Although the spies are in the same building, they will never meet. This is not such a bad thing, as if people who look exactly the same do meet, it can cause a lot of worry and shock which is not necessary (this is my excuse for running out of memory! - J.C.)

When the game is loaded, it will display the title screen and play some music. The game may be started by pressing the LEFT/RIGHT fire buttons for a ONE/TWO player game respectively. If a one player game is chosen, the computer will play the part of the upper spy. It may not be particularly intelligent, but it's not the easiest opponent!

Dragon 32/64

Type "CLEAR20:CLOADM". The game will start automatically.