Planet Invasion

Loading instructions

For loading instructions see side of cassette.

Method of play

A wave of Praetorian invaders attack the Planet's surface and you must destroy them all before they get you. You start the game with three ships and three "smart bombs" and you lose a ship each time you are destroyed.


Control is by the right joystick. Up and down movement controls ship elevation. Right and left joystick moves the ship in the corresponding direction. The further right or left you move your joystick the faster you fly. To stop your ship completely, centre the joystick.

The Joystick Button fires evenly spaced rapid shots in the direction the ship is facing.

The Space Bar will explode one smart bomb (if one is available) which will destroy all aliens on the screen.

The "H" key will cause your ship to move into hyperspace.

Playing field

The playing field of PLANET INVASION extends beyond the display screen, so the long range scan above the regular screen shows the location of all the Praetorian ships on the playing field.

BEWARE, if all your Caloxin crystals are destroyed you will have to fight in the outer reaches of space, far from the planet's surface.

Every fourth wave of invaders will give you a new set of crystals to defend.

The wave number is displayed to the right of the long range scan.


Every 10,000 points you will receive a bonus ship and a smart bomb. At the end of each wave a bonus will be given of one hundred times the number of men times the number of the wave.


GRABBERS - 150 points. Grabbers capture your Caloxin Crystals and if they reach the top of the screen with Caloxin they will merge to form a KILLER - 150 points. Shooting a GRABBER with captured Caloxin kills the Grabber and the Caloxin will fall. If it falls from low elevation it will not be destroyed when it hits the ground (250 points). You can save the Caloxin when it falls from high elevation by catching it with your ship (500 points).

CHASERS - 250 points. These appear if you take too much time to destroy a wave of invaders. They will track your ship in a semi-smart way. They don't have to be destroyed to finish a wave.

MINERS - 250 points. These leave mines which can destroy you as they move along.

BEAMERS - 1000 points. WHen hit, beamers split into 3;

BERSERKERS - 150 points each.


Two players - one person flies the ship and fires on the invaders with the right joystick, the other person operates the keyboard using hyperspace and smart bombs. One player - uses left hand on joystick and right hand for keyboard.

New game

To start each new game after you have lost all three of your ships hit "Enter".

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.