King Cuthbert

At the beginning of the game, the program alternates between a title page and a demonstration screen. During the demonstration screen, hit any key and the game will begin. You will be asked to select the number of players. You may enter 1, 2 or 3. In a one-player game, use the right joystick. In a two-player game, both joysticks are used. Option three produces a co-operative two-player game: one player controls Cuthbert's movement with one joystick and the other player uses the button on the second joystick to make him jump.

You will then be asked to select the difficulty level. There are three levels. The higher levels have more barrels, smarter fireballs and faster game action. Within each difficulty level, the game gets harder as it progresses, although the speed does not change.

Once options are chosen, begin a screen by pressing the joystick button. Options can be reset by hitting the "R" key before pressing the joystick button to start a screen.


The Gorilla has kidnapped Cuthbert's girlfriend and it's up to Cuthbert to save her. A player starts out with three Cuthberts per game. Whenever Cuthbert is hit by a fireball or barrel, he is eliminated. The upper right area of the screen shows how many Cuthberts are left.

Use the joystick to make him run right or left and to climb up and down ladders. The joystick button makes Cuthbert jump. He can do a standing jump, a running broad jump and a standing broad jump (from a standing position, push the joystick and fire button at the same time). With a little practice, you can also make Cuthbert do a "backwards standing broad jump". It is easier to jump over obstacles when you are running towards them.

Cuthbert can jump up to grab a hammer and use it to smash barrels and fireballs. While he is holding the hammer, he cannot climb ladders or jump. The hammer will disappear after a short time, but you can make it go away at any time by pressing the fire button while he is holding the hammer. Please note: if you are running toward a fireball or barrel, it is possible for it to slip under the hammer while he is swinging upward. This eliminates Cuthbert, even if he smashes the object at the same moment.

In the ramp (barrel) screen, Cuthbert must climb the top ladder near his girlfriend. He scores one point for each barrel that he jumps over and eight points for each barrel that he smashes. The bonus clock at the top of the screen is constantly ticking down. When he reaches the top, the value left on the clock is added to his score. If the clock reaches zero, Cuthbert is eliminated.

In the fireball screen, Cuthbert must knock out all eight rivets in the floors. He does this by running or jumping over them. If he runs over the empty space where a rivet has been knocket out, he is eliminated, but he can jump over these holes. Fireballs always stay on their own platforms and can sometimes cross a popped-out rivet. Cuthbert scores one point for jumping over a fireball or knocking out a rivet and eight points for smashing a fireball. As in the previous screen, a time bonus is added to the score.

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.