Katerpillar 2

For loading instructions see cassette.


When the program is loaded, it will auto-start and give a short demonstration. Immediately following this, the prompt "1 or 2 Players" will appear across the "playing area", to which you should respond with the appropriate key.

Movement of your "base" is by means of the joystick and at this stage you can get a feel of the control as the game does not actually start until the fire button is pressed. Holding the fire button down will result in "rapid fire" but only one missile is allowed on the screen at a time.

Each player starts with three "bases", with a bonus base for every 10,000 points scored.

Two player game

Player 1 uses the left joystick port and Player 2 the right joystick port. Each player gets a turn for each round of the game and the computer will display the prompt as to whose turn it is to play. If one player runs out of bases before the other, the game will end for him and the other player can continue play until he too, runs out of bases.


There are six ways to score points, as detailed below:

Completely destroying a mushroom scores 1 point, but this needs four "hits".

At the end of each player's turn, all the partially destroyed MAGIC or KILLER mushrooms are restored to regular whole mushrooms. A score directly proportional to the level number is awarded for each restored mushroom, e.g. if player 1 is on level 4, he receives 4 point per restoration.

Hitting a KATERPILLAR segment (head or body) scores 80 points.

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.