Invaders Revenge

Loading instructions

For loading instructions see side of cassette.

Object of game

INVADERS REVENGE is a fast paced arcade game. You, as the last remaining space invader must battle the human ships that prowl the space lanes and avoid the laser station that seeks to destroy you as it did your companions.

The object is to shoot the ships and the laser bases. You must not collide with any of the ships nor be hit by fire from the laser base. Different sound effects indicate whether you have hit a normal ship or a laser base. Another sound effect occurs when you are blown up.


Your ship is controlled by the four arrow keys. The keys move you up, down, left and right on the screen. The space bar fires missiles from your ship.

Number of ships

You begin with three ships located on the top left hand corner of the screen above the line. You use the joystick or arrow keys to move the ship below the line to start the game. The right hand joystick controls the ship of player one and the left hand joystick that of player two.


Normal ship100 points
Flagship1000 points
Laser Base0 points
Bonus shipAt 10000 points


At the beginning of the game several selections can be made. A one or two player game may be selected. If two players are desired one player plays until the other one loses his/her ship and then the other player takes over.

The Number of Shots can be selected from 1 to 5. This determines how many missiles may be in the air at one time. The higher the number the easier the game.

The speed of the Game from 1 to 5. The higher the number the faster and harder the game.

If you hit Enter for any of these questions, the value for the last game will be used.

You can also pause the game by pressing the "P" key. This freezes the game in place so you can leave to answer the 'phone etc. Hitting any key will resume the game.

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

To load type CLEAR8 then press ENTER. Then type CLOADM and press ENTER. The game will start automatically.