Intergalactic Force


The right joystick controls your spaceship, which appears at the top of the screen. The fire button drops the "bombs" in whichever direction the joystick lever is placed.

Press space bar for alternative colour set.

To start game

Press either "F" for Fast speed, or "S" for slow speed. The title page will be displayed first, followed by the playing screen.

You will now need to select your skill level by pressing either "1", "2" or "3" keys and the game will automatically start.

Screen format

The right-hand side of the screen shows your current status. The figure at the top shows the current score, the figure below shows the current skill level. Below this are the number of spaceships remaining. You start the game with five. Bonus ships will be awarded every 1000 points. The bar at the bottom right of the screen indicates the amount of ammunition you have remaining on each spaceship. When this reaches the bottom and flashes, it indicates that you have run out of ammunition. To replenish your bombs, you must take your spaceship back off the top of the screen.


You will be awarded ten points for every Thai Fighter that you destroy and 200 points each time your bomb hits an air shaft.

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.