Another addictive game from Microdeal. You must "grab" the eight treasures and store them in the centre boxes of two mazes (upper and lower) switching mazes at will. Sounds easy? It would be if the Googlies didn't keep moving your treasures and you could avoid the monsters who are out to destroy you! Different mazes at each level, including "bonus" maze. Full colour graphics with accompanying music. Arcade action, machine language game.

Loading instructions

For loading instructions see cassette.

Screen colour

You will first be asked to select which colour screen you wish to play on. Press "1" for black, "2" for Buff or "3" for Green. To change the colour you must reload the programme.


Control is with the joystick/s. Player one uses the right joystick, player two the left. Each game consists of two mazes, you may switch mazes by pressing the fire button on the joystick and the white box will show you where the "grabber" will materialize in the other maze. The "grabber" cannot switch mazes if there is something in the box.

Object of game

The object of the game is to "grab" the treasures, one at a time — the "I" in each corner of the two mazes — and store them in the centre boxes. Passing over the "treasures" will "grab" them and entering the centre boxes will "store" them.

The monsters are out to kill you. When he appears, he is the same colour as you and while this is the case, his touch kills. You can rectify this situation by passing over the "X". This will change your colour and allow you to kill him, but this situation only lasts for a very short time, also remember you only have four "X's" per maze, use them wisely!

Two player game

The first player will continue the game until he gets "killed", when the next player will take his turn. Each player will be given three "Grabbers", with an extra "grabber" at 20,000 points. The game is over when both players have lost all their "lives".


If you kill a Googlie with a treasure you will gain 600 points, without a treasure 300 points. Killing the monsters will give you 100, 200, 400 and 800 points. For each treasure you safely store you will get 50 points and for clearing the board you will be awarded 100 times the maze number.

After every third and eighth board of each level you will get a Bonus Board. The faster you clear this board the more points you will get. No Googlies or Monsters will appear on these boards but you may get trapped and will need to switch mazes to escape.

New game

To start a new game, when the current high scores are displayed, press the "Enter" key. This will return you to the "number of players" prompt.

High scores

You may enter your high score at the end of each game only if your score exceeds 15,000 points.

Pause feature

If you are interrupted, press the "Enter" key and this will enable you to pause the game until you press the spacebar to continue where you left off.

Screen display

The title page will tell you current maze number between each level. The numbers at the top of the playing screen give the current scores for each player and the current high score.

Dragon 32

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.