LOADING: Ensure that Side A is fully re-wound. Type: CLOADM and start the tape. Glove should now auto-Load. More levels are recorded on Side B.

If you have any Loading difficulties, then please adjust the volume on your tape deck.


After several years on benefits, the Mage and the Caveman got together and opened their own small business (shortly before their benefits were about to be cut).

"Dungeon Clearances - do you have any derelict dungeons needing to be cleared? Let us handle it for you at a competitive price. Haunted dungeons a speciality."

However, their first job was harder than they expected. They were asked to clear a dungeon that was so old and neglected that all sorts of monsters had crept in. "It's a disgrace, environmental health should've been called in years ago"

And so, in they went…


This game can be played by 1 or 2 players, but due to the conflicting nature of the keyboard matrix and the joysticks, only certain combinations can be selected.

If you want two joysticks, use Right and Left joystick/Cursors/Enter. If you want one player on a joystick and one on keyboard. If you want two players on keyboard, use 2WSDZ and 8IKLM.

The control options are:

Right joystick, Left joystick, Cursor keys & Enter, 2WSDZ and 8IKLM. The magic options are: Shift and Space. Note that Colour Computer 3 owners can also use the second button on their joystick to trigger magic.

Use keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 to choose the controls. Press Space to finalise your selection.

You can return to the Controls screen at any time by pressing RESET, this is effectively the "quit" button. You can also pause/unpause by pressing BREAK.

UDLR - Move up, down, left or right.
Fire - Fire fireball / axe.
Magic - Use potion.

The game

Glove is an action game designed for the Tandy 'Color' Computer range as well as the Dragon range of computers and possibly the Prologica CP-400.

It requires at least 32K of RAM. It is a multiload on 32K machines and it will load it in all at once on 64K machines. (The additional levels are recorded on Side B of the cassette.)

How to play Glove!

Each player starts with 2000 health which slowly ticks down to 0 (and decreases more quickly when you are being attacked).

Food: +100 health.
Poison Food: -100 health and lose a potion.
Potion: Can destroy or damage all enemies on screen (the Mage has better magic).

Treasure: +100 points.
Keys: Can open a door.
Traps: Can cause parts of walls to disappear.
Exit: Finish the level.
Exit+3: Finish the level and skip 3 levels.
Exit+7: Finish the level and skip 7 levels.

You can shoot or fight baddies, although there are some baddies who should not be fought and some who can only be defeated with magic…

Progress can be blocked by walls. Some walls may be shot through and others may need to be removed by placing a trap.

Doors require keys, however, should you run out of them you may find that patience is the key…

Mage vs Caveman

The Mage has excellent magic abilities while the Caveman is rather poor at this skill. However, the Caveman has superior fighting skills compared to the Mage.

The Caveman is also rather adept at crochet, but that has no bearing on the game.


NOTE: In the (unlikely) event that the m/c loader doesn't work (CAS), you can do the following to bypass it:

PCLEAR 1 (ignore this if your machine has the early Color Basic)

CLEAR 256,6656

Glove features

Glove (c) 2006 James McKay.
Graphics by Tommy Pereira.
Published by Cronosoft

Special thanks go to the members of the forums that James McKay frequents!

Dragon 32/64, Tandy Colour Computer 32K

Insert Side A. Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.