Destroy the Glaxxons with your laser rocket before they swoop down to attack you. Miss them and they retain the formation to attack again. One or two player game. Choice of three colour screens. Hi speed arcade action game. Full colour graphics with sound. Machine language. 1 or 2 Joysticks required.

Screen colour

You must now select the colour screen you with to play on, press "1" for Black, "2" for Buff or "3" for Green background. To change the colour you must reload the programme.

Skill Levels

After the title page, you will be requested to enter the Game Speed, which can be any number from 1 to 7. Then press the "Enter" key. You will now be requested to enter the Level for player number one. This can be any number from 0 to 7. Again, press the "Enter" key. You will now be asked for the level for Player Number two, which should be entered as above. If you only want one player, the just press the "Enter" key and the one player-game will automatically be selected. You will now be told to "Prepare for Battle".

To Start Game

Make certain that your joystick is connected to the right joystick port for one player.


Movement of the joystick controls position on the screen. Left and right movement controls the player's horizontal screen position while down and and up movements control vertical position. Pressing the fire button will launch a laser missile. If the button is pressed a second time while the first missile is still in sight, it will cancel the first missile and start a new one. Pressing the "Break" key will pause the game if you are interrupted during play. The "Enter" key will restart the same game.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to destroy as many of the Glaxxons as you can, while avoiding their missiles. In each attacking formation there are four different types of spacecraft. The lower three rows fire missiles and make diving attacks on the player, whereas the top row does not dive during battle but fires smart missiles instead. If you successfully destroy an entire attacking squadron, a new formation will appear to continue the challenge.

New Game

To start a new game, press the "Enter" key when the screen is in the display mode. Pressing the "Clear" key at any time will enable you to change the game speed and player levels. Just press the appropriate nu,ber key when the prompt appears.

Screen Display

The numbers at the top left and top right of the screen are the current scores for the left and right joystick players respectively. The number at the centre bottom of the screen is the current high score.

The number of ships remaining along with a protective shield gauge is displayed under each player's score. Each player starts the game with three ships and the protective energy shield allows a ship to sustain three enemy hits before it is destroyed. The prompt "Encounter Over" signifies that the game is over.

Point values

Smart Missile Launcher 200 points Ships in formation 33 points
Diving Spacecraft 100 points Hostile Missiles 11 points

Point Multiplier

1x difficulty levels 1 and 2 2x difficulty levels 3, 4 and 5 3x difficulty levels 6 and 7

The point multiplier advances each time an entire enemy squadron is destroyed up to the maximum level of three. A bonus ship is awarded for each 10,000 points.

Demonstration mode

The game demonstration mode is activated if you enter a game speed of zero. Pressing the "Break" key while the computer is asking for game speed or player level will lock the game intro the demonstration mode, which can only be cleared by pressin the "Reset" button or switch off.

Dragon 32/64

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.