Dungeon Raid


See side of cassette.

Screen colour

You will first be asked to select your screen colour, press 1 for Black, 2 for Buff or 3 for Green backgrounds.


Use the Right Hand Joystick to move left or right or to control your forward speed, using the button to fire.

Method of play

Press the Fire Button to start play.

You must travel through the dungeon's corridors, being careful not to touch the walls (stone, brick or crystal) or the creatures that lurk there (oafs, snakes, snappers, etc.). Your man has a limited number of time units to make his way to the set of doors which mark the end of each section. Blasting through these doors earns more time to use in getting to the next section. Time units are displayed in the upper right portion of the screen.

You must blast the 'ghost' that lurks at the end of each main dungeon level, in order to progress to the next level, or series of sections. Points are scored for destroying the dungeon's inhabitants, with these exceptions: shooting the 'white hand' earns you an addition 10 time units; shooting a clone (they look just like your man) results in your losing one reserve man, if any are available.

A bonus man is given every 10,000 points. (Note that the 'spinning orbs' are the highest scoring targets in the game).

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

To load type CLEAR0 then press ENTER. Then type CLOADM and press ENTER. The game will start automatically.