Danger Ranger

Loading instructions

Put the cassette in your tape recorder, press the 'Play' button and type CLOADM and press the Enter Key. The programme will now load and start automatically. Should you encounter an I/O Error, switch off the computer, rewind the tape, switch on, adjust the volume control on your tape recorder and try again. There are three copies on each side of the tape.

Colour selection

You must now select the colour screen you wish to play on, press "1" for Black, "2" for Buff or "3" for Green background. To change the colour you must reload the programme.

Skill level

After the title page, you will be requested to enter the skill level, which can be any number from 1 to 5. This will keep returning to the title page until a number is entered. If you wish to practice, press the "P" key. This will enable you to go through all levels of play without being "killed".

To start game

Make certain that your joystick is connected to the right joystick port and when the playing screen is displayed, press the fire button.

Object of game

Chamber of Pasha (First Screen) Danger Ranger must collect all ten keys (located at the ends of each platform) to complete the first stage of the game. To do this he just needs to walk over the key. Listen for the sound which will tell you he has picked it up. He must shoot or avoid the Floating Urns, Radioactive Bats and Roving Eyes. To fire his laser gun at them, press the fire button on your joystick and Danger Ranger will fire in the direction he is facing. The centre of the bottom platform will propel him back to the top of the screen if he hasn't collected all ten keys. He may jump the spaces between platforms or fall through them.

Acid Chamber (Second Screen) Drops of deadly acid fall, from the ceiling and rise from the floor. Danger Ranger's task is to pick up the Treasure Chests, whilst avoiding the acid. Be sure you are far enough to the right to get them (listen for the sound). The chamber is also guarded by four demons, which must be shot before he can get past them to the next level. As the game proceeds, more shots are required to kill them.


The Joystick controls Danger Ranger's movement. Use the right joystick port.

Joystick Pointing Up - Danger Ranger will jump
Joystick Pointing Down - Danger Ranger will duck (to avoid being shot)
Joystick Left or Right - Walk or jump left or right
Key "R" will return you to the start of game.

New game

At any time during the title page, or the demonstration screen, pressing the "R" key will start a new game.


The Figure in the top right corner shows your current score, the figure in the top left shows the current High Score. The first centre figure shows the current level of play, the second the number of men left.

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.