Cuthbert In Space

Loading instructions

For loading instructions see cassette.

Skill level

The program will ask you to select your skill level using either joystick or keyboard controls. Use the joystick or arrow keys to change levels and press the fire button or space bar to select.


Control is with the right joystick or the arrow keys and spacebar. You will fire in the direction you are facing. You may switch between joystick and keyboard control by pressing the "J" or "K" keys.

Object of game

You, as Cuthbert, have been sent on a looting mission in outer space, but before leaving each planet you visit, you must use your remote shuttle to collect fuel pods (the yellow canisters on the different levels). To do this, you must guide your shuttle and land on top of the canisters, one at a time and return them to the safety of the mother ship. At the same time, you must avoid or shoot at the Intergalactic Police Force who are pretty determined to stop you stealing their possessions.

After collecting all the fuel pods, you will be allowed one more sortie - to go on a looting mission. Naturally, the Moronians aren't very happy about this situation and will keep coming in ever increasing numbers in an effort to protect their wealth - stay as long as you dare. To collect the treasures, which fall from the top of the screen, you just need to catch them in your craft before they reach the bottom of the screen where they will burn up. Once you return to the mothership, preparation for departure is automatic, the hatch will close and it will take off - if you are lucky!

As is usual for Cuthbert, things are not as easy as they seem… occasionally, and sometimes frequently, the space-craft malfunctions and you will need to send your shuttle out again for those vital spares. You will be given the co-ordinates of the mothership's location, that of the position of the nearest supply of component parts and your present position. You must travel to the store, by changing the co-ordinates with the joystick or arrow keys, to collect the necessary spare parts and then return by the reverse method.

This vital operation must be accomplished before the bomb, planted by the local Moronians detonates!

Oh, one other small matter, just to make life more interesting, you will have landed on each planet at a random location and pointing in a random direction - which means that your controls will probably react differently on each planet you visit. Good luck - you'll need it!

Pause feature

If you are interrupted during play, press the "P" key and this will enable you to pause the game until you press the "R" key to continue where you left off.

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.