Crazy Painter

Colour selection

You will first be asked to select the colour screen you wish to play on, press either key 1, 2, or 3 for Black, Buff or Green respectively. The title page will now be displayed, just press any key to start the game.


Control is either with the Keyboard or Joystick. Pressing "K" or "J" will show the method of control selected in reverse video. The current High Score and last score attained are also shown on this page.

Joystick Control. Use the joystick for up, down, left and right movements. Press the Fire button when the screen is completely "painted" (see Object of game) and you will progress to the next level of play.

Keyboard Control. Use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows for movement. Press the space bar when the screen is completely "painted" (see Object of game).

New Game. Pressing the "Break" key at any time will start a new game. If you use this function, you will have to re-enter your choice of keyboard or joystick control, and skill level.

Skill level

You must now select your skill level. Press the appropriate key from A to H, which will give you either of the eight skill levels, A being the easiest, H the hardest.

Object of game

The object of the game is to paint the screen as quickly as possible, using as little paint as you can.

First you must get a brushful of paint. To do this, take your "brush" to the bottom left of the screen.

You can also "stop" certain things from walking over your newly painted floor by touching them. Some objects will take your brush, some will take whatever paint you have left, but we won't spoil your fun by telling you which is which.

Challenge stage

When you reach this stage, you must stop the paint "dripping" down to the bottom of the screen using your scraper. Control for this is exactly the same as for painting.

Tandy Colour Computer 16K

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.