CASHMAN consists of dozens of different playing fields, called "SITES". These are made of horizontal "GIRDERS" and vertical "CLIMBERS" (ladders, chains, nets, etc.). Your man may run along the top of GIRDERS or move up and down the CLIMBERS to move anywhere on the screen. Some cases call for a "JUMP" to be made. You can leap up to reach things or leap over to cross to other GIRDERS by pressing the joystick button. Falling is NOT harmful, just time consuming. Occasionally you may find "FLINGERS". Running across the top of these will toss you in the direction you are heading, twice as far as a normal JUMP. However, you can JUMP off them for a normal leap by holding down the joystick button (with hazardous side effects) "CONVEYORS" are displayed in some SITES. They move you along without any effort on your part. You may run across them for half or double horizontal speed. In some SITES you may encounter web-like structures that give you unrestricted movement. Sometimes, you may allow a BYRD to carry you away. You can't control its direction, but it makes for a fast trip, sometimes into danger! You should experiment with different ways to move about the screen. Only the BOLD make it in the world of CASHMAN.

The cast:

CASHMAN can be played in two ways. A one player "solo" version, or with the added challenge of two player competition. The "SHEIK" uses the left joystick, starts on the left side of the screen, and his SCORE and POWER are on the bottom left. He wears a blue hat and has orange shoes. The "SAILOR" wears a white hat and has blue boots and is controlled by the right joystick (starts on the right, etc. …). In a one player game, you may choose either the SHEIK or the SAILOR. In a two player game, both are played at the same time, battling it out for the Big Bucks!

In each SITE you play, a bomb carriage will travel across the top of the screen dropping BOMBS. The BOMBS are not harmful, but if left alone, they will become blue KATS or white "EGGS". KATS are dangerous, so stay away from them. EGGS are not harmful but will hatch into BYRDS after a while. A player can carry an EGG with him and later throw it in the direction he is facing by using his joystick button.


A strip representing a players POWER is located on the bottom of the screen on the side corresponding to which joystick they are using. You start with ten (10) POWER points. Each time you are struck by a KAT, step on a ZAPPER, or get hit with an EGG flung by another player (in two player mode), one POWER point is removed and the strip gets smaller. When your POWER reaches zero (0), your player is exhausted and removed from the screen. In a one player game, this results in the end of the game. A two player game ends when both the players POWER reaches zero.


Each player is out to get as much "CASH" as possible. In each SITE, you will find bags of money represented by pulsating dollar signs ($). These are worth 50 dollars. When all the money bags are collected by making your man run, jump, or be carried over them, you will be taken to the next SITE. BOMBS are also worth CASH. You earn $30 when running over (disarming) BOMBS. EGGS aren't worth anything but if a player throws one and hits a KAT, its worth $150! And hitting a BYRD with an EGG is worth $250! Hitting the other player (two player mode) reduces his power, thereby shortening his game (this could be a useful strategy!) If it hits the other player, it will bounce back and you may catch it again. An EGG which hits a KAT or BYRD can be retrieved by either player. If you don't hit anything, the EGG will either bounce off the side wall or disappear from the Screen. If an EGG is not grabbed in a short time, it will always turn into a BYRD.


CASHMAN has more than 40 different SITES! When starting each game, you can choose which areas you want to start with. The EASY SITES (1-4) are recommended for a beginner. Next is SUPER-JUMP (5-10). In these SITES you can JUMP twice as high as normal. Then come the MODERATE SITES (11-22). These range from moderately easy to moderately difficult. Next are the NO JUMPING ALLOWED SITES (23-27) followed by the EXPERIENCED SITES (28-39). And last but not least, the EXPERT (PUZZLE) SITES (40-??). Only the BEST can handle these (That's our challenge!).


When you finish a game, your name and score will be recorded (provided that it's high enough) and given a place in the CASHMAN gang. On the bottom of the scale is KATBAIT) (yuk!) followed by the EGGHEAD (better, but not by much). Then comes the BAGBOY? (getting there!). Next is the FALLGUY (moving up in the world!). The highest is the awesome, all time great (drum roll please) … the CASHMAN! So good luck and happy jumping!


Left Joystick
Moves the SHEIK in the desired direction. (if it's possible).
Right Joystick
Controls the SAILERS movement
Joystick Buttons
Causes the player to JUMP or throw an EGG

Optional controls:

Restart the game.
Pauses the game.
Resumes the game.
New color set! Adjust to your own tastes! Especially for overseas computers.

Dozens of truly fascinating playing screens (more than FORTY!) and various levels of difficulty let anyway from beginner to export have as much excitement, challenge, and good clean fun as they can handle! Play by yourself or invite - the ultimate challenge of simultaneous two player competition! Run along the colourful girders, jump across the tremendous chasms, climb the wobbly ladders, or grab a BYRD and fly to get the loot before your opponent does! Be careful through the KATS are on the prowl to stop you, and wrestling with them can be very exhausting. So run, jump, climb or fly and play the ultimate game... Good luck, and happy jumping!

1 or 2 Joysticks required.

Dragon 32

Type "CLOADM", then Enter. The game will start automatically.