What about the parts the story tellers couldn't reach?

After all, in Giantland, everything was bound to be larger-than-life. Jack would have come across human sized birds and insects as well as giant caterpillars which changed, at will, to and from the butterfly stage in their search for human prey.

In this up-to-date version of the well-known story, can you guide Jack as he collects golden eggs, harps, keys and even golden bananas? Help him to negotiate the beanstalk, spider's webs, stacked chairs and to swing across vines and chains in his quest to reach the top. Show him which lifts to use and which banks of cloud to hanglide through.

But beware! There are traps to fall into and tricks to be learnt in this all-action, machine-code, arcade/adventure game with its 60 screens of mystery and excitement.


Beanstalker will auto-start when loaded with the CLOADM command. If the game should fail to load retry it with a different volume setting. A menu is displayed to select options.

To control Jack in KEYBOARD mode, use the appropriate arrow keys and either SPACE of SHIFT to dig holes where permitted. In JOYSTICK mode the fire button is used to dig.

All screens have been tested and are possible to do. (Remember that this is an adventure game and there are things built in to try and trick you). If Jack is in a hole when it refills you will lose a life. It is possible though to get into a spot where you just cannot move. In this situation, the only thing to do is to simultaneously press the CLEAR key and the letter A - this will abandon the screen but it will cost you one of your lives. CLEAR and R will restart the game.

Dragon 32/64

Type "CLOADM". The game will start automatically.