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Rainbow on Tape / Disk Availability

From the Rainbow Magazine main page (on the Internet Archive)
"Many articles presented basic or assembly language program listings. readers had to type these programs in by hand, unless they ordered a cassette or diskette containing these programs, through the rainbow on tape or rainbow on disk service."
Tape is audio cassette copied to 5-1/4" ".dsk", Disk is 5-1/4" 1/2 sides ".dsk"
The chart shows that many Rainbow on Tape / Disk are missing.

RED means NO Disk or Tape. Orange means only OS-9 programs are available.
Black means not offered. DECB S2 means DECB files on side 2 are missing.

If you received Rainbow On Tape / Disk directly from Falsoft please check if you still have the floppy disk. In some cases the second side is missing or the DECB files are missing. The collection is incomplete as the chart above shows. Files downloaded from a BBS or the Internet are not likely to help fill out the collection. If you can help please contact us.

Reports of incorrect or missing files are very welcome as not everything has been checked. Even the paper inserts are needed to make the collection better. Thanks!
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